Commentary | Student groups list too powerful, biased

Re: “Student Groups” | Disorientation Guide | September 1

It is unfortunate that in its guide to student groups, The Daily has chosen to mislead both Jewish and other students about the merits of Hillel McGill. In the September 1 issue, the review of Hillel McGill was incomplete and biased. The review was slanted in such a way as to lead readers to believe that Hillel McGill is a one-issue, pro-Israel club. The Muslim Students’ Association is labeled as a hub for Muslim students on campus, while Hillel is only mentioned in connection with last year’s controversial GA. Like the MSA is for Muslims, Hillel is a centre for Jewish life on campus and provides a place for Jewish students to hang out, eat, and learn about Judaism. The group gets involved in Israel advocacy when required to, but that is certainly not the be-all and end-all of Hillel. On the politics side, however, labeling SPHR as hip and as the cats to “[s]ay hey to if the Middle East… turns your crank” is completely one-sided. There are many points of view in the Middle East, and both the pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel ones are legitimate. In the future, students should be able to choose who to seek out based on their own personal beliefs, and should not be directed to a particular side by the campus media. Let’s stick to unbiased reporting.

Adam Sadinsky
U1 Political Science
VP Outreach, Hillel McGill

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