Commentary | Sorry, SACOMSS!

Re: “Student Services” | Disorientation Guide | September 1

Hey, McGill Daily, we read your last issue and we were sad to note that we weren’t included in your list of SSMU services. This is a shame because the Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Student Society (SACOMSS) is an incredibly crucial student service. We provide support to survivors and their allies through our four branches: Crisis Intervention, the Accompaniment Branch, Support Groups, and the Outreach Program. Our goal is to offer an equal service to people from all walks of life, including survivors of different and unique genders, races, orientations, abilities, and economic statuses. All our services are provided free of charge.

How could you forget to mention us? :( We’re located right across the hallway from your office – room B-27 of the Shatner building!
SACOMSS will be recruiting new volunteers for its Outreach and Support Groups branches this fall. Please visit for more information, or call us at 514-398-8500.

Kayan Hui
U3 Sociology
External (co-)coordinator, SACOMSS