Commentary | Sorry for the stench

Re: “Olfactory environmentalism” | Health&Education | September 9

On September 1, I began my new job in the Office of Sustainability as the Project Coordinator for the Big Hanna Composting Project. In response to The Daily’s September 9 article “Olfactory Environmentalism,” I would like to apologize for any problems the composter has caused thus far to those who lunch outside the Wong Building. We are constantly monitoring the machine and making necessary improvements on a regular basis. The project is in its infancy and it is a learning process, but we are dedicated to ensuring its success and addressing issues as they arise.

A great deal of hard work over several years went into bringing this machine to McGill and it has already had positive impacts, producing quality fertilizer that is now being used on McGill grounds.

Any future complaints/questions/comments can be addressed to myself at

Ana Vadeanu
U3 Environment and Development