Commentary  Replace Chartwells with student-run initiatives

I am a 2008 BA & Sc McGill alumn, I was very disappointed to hear that the administration is trying to close the Architecture Café. The Architecture Café remains one of my favourite cafés. It was a haven during undergrad, as it sharply contrasted the stale and uninviting other food spots on campus. The student-run café is an inspiration of what students are capable of accomplishing when they come together as a collective force. The Architecture Café is also a unique feature of McGill campus; I recently started professional school at the University of Saskatchewan and was disappointed that there was not a similar spot to the Architecture Café on campus. I hope that the administration will show that it listens to (and more importantly CARES about) what students and alumni have to say. Most students I knew on campus (and those still there) would never want the Architecture Café replaced by another pathetic, overpriced, generic, and unappetizing Chartwells caf. Instead, they would rather all the infamous Chartwells be replaced by more student-run cafes like the beloved Architecture Café. The Architecture Café reflects students: their needs, their wants, and their personalities. The Architecture Café is the best thing about McGill. Please don’t take it away; if you do you will lose the respect of alumni like myself.

Dia Austin
BA & Sc 2008