Commentary | Hillel McGill: part of a wholesome diet of Israel-Palestine conflict information

Re: “Student Groups” | Disorientation Guide | September 1

I am voicing my concerns about the description of McGill Hillel in the Disorientation Guide’s description of student groups on campus. To reduce an organization that has coordinated a citywide food drive for needy students, various social action fundraisers, Holocaust Memorial Week, along with meals for Jewish students during the holidays to actions surrounding a controversial SSMU General Assembly motion seems unjustified, to say the least. It is an insult to the countless dedicated student volunteers who engaged themselves with Hillel McGill in the past to promote student life on campus, and a disservice to Jewish students truly interested in the options available to them.

Moreover, your description of SPHR as the “go-to” group for information on the Middle East is misleading. Hillel McGill hosts’ world-class speakers and insightful conferences throughout the entire year, open to all students, to inform them about the Israel-Palestine conflict as well. I would even encourage any student to learn from both parties in order to form a more wholesome and accurate view of this pressing issue.

Finally, Tadamon! was listed as an anti-Israel student group. Tadamon! is not a student group at all. It is outrageous that with over 200 student groups, The McGill Daily has chosen to grant exposure to a group with no campus affiliations whatsoever. There are many deserving clubs who work tirelessly to expose their cause and would have appreciated to have a truthful description published.

I am confident that my concerns will not be taken lightly and that The McGill Daily will live up to its reputation as an honest and trustworthy news source by treating this matter effectively.

Dann Bibas
U2 Finance
Co-president, Hillel McGill