Commentary  Give us a say in Arch Café decision

I am writing to oppose the closing of the Architecture Café.

The Arch Café is a wonderful, independent café with reasonably priced, delicious and FRESH fair-trade options. It is my favourite lunch spot on campus, and the only place I don’t dread having a meal at.

I personally know that the McGill admin has a long history of consolidating student-run cafeterias and turning them over to Chartwells, but I feel that food choices at and around McGill are already terrible – Chartwells meals leave a lot to be desired in terms of taste and freshness and price.

I feel that as an alumna and current student, I have a right to a say in the direction of the University, and I deeply care about saving the Arch Café for future generations of students to treasure as we did.

Ioana Medrea
BSc ’05 Computer Science
BSc ’07 Neuroscience
MDCM candidate