| First-Year Fitness

McGill starts a new, free, exercise class for Freshmen

Attention first-years: You’re on your own now – home cooked meals and after-school sports are a thing of the past. Now you have lots and lots of booze and late-night greasy snacks just waiting to expand your waistline. Thankfully, for the first time McGill is offering a Freshman Health & Fitness course this year. If you’re looking to avoid the freshman 15, tone-up, and learn a bit about nutrition, health, and fitness then definitely check it out.

The course was developed to facilitate students’ transition to life in university by helping them keep physically active and make healthy decisions. During the semester, students will be playing various sports ranging from soccer to squash, working out in a variety of athletic spaces , and learning valuable information about personal health from departments like Kinesiology and Physical Education. The course will only be offered in the fall in order to encourage students to start fighting off bad eating habits and lack of exercise early on. This is especially opportune, considering that data shows that University students experience the most weight gain during their first semester, according to course coordinator Andrew Persons. Most importantly, it’s free, and yes, the only athletics course held at absolutely no cost.

So if you’re nostalgic for high-school gym class or would just like to balance a full course load with some physical activity, don’t hesitate to sign up. You can email Andrew Persons at andrew.persons@mail.mcgill.ca to join. There are only 24 spots available so get out of your chair and jump on this opportunity.

The course starts this Friday afternoon and runs every Friday until November 12th from 2:30-3:30 in room 152 of the athletics complex.