Commentary  Corpo-McGill’s closure of Arch Café is contemptible

Well, guess I shouldn’t be surprised that once again the Architecture Café is under threat. McGill seems to be continually consolidating and ruining the places on campus that actually mean something to students. The bland uniformity of Chartwells first arrived when I was a student sometime before 2004, and soon enough a Subway took up residence in the Arts building (Subway!?), the Arts Lounge was long closed, and even the computer labs in Leacock were replaced. Step by step, the McGill campus that I enjoyed seems to be fading away, as the administration sees the campus space as less a central part of the student community and more a spiritless, sterile asset to be fully utilized. When I was a student at McGill, one of the great things about the school was the physical grounds, the services, and the general vibe on campus – which was so good, and very welcoming, especially when compared to other universities in the city. I hope that this continues to be the case.

New students should be able to expect more than massive, franchise corpo-food when they arrive on campus: they should be able to relax, have a meal, know what exactly they’re eating, and share in the convivial spirit that places like the Architecture Café provide. I pity the students that are starting their McGill experience this fall; unless things change, McGill will become a boring, staid (more so), and dreary campus – which is hardly the atmosphere they expect, and certainly not the one they deserve.

Jesse Sutherland
BA 2004, History and English