Commentary | Can I have extra dicks with that?

I have been told recently that The Daily has had to enact restrictions on content due to certain advertisers, by a friend who had his “art” censored due to the presence of a “dick” or “penis.” Since everyone in the student body now has to give an extra dollar to make sure that The Daily doesn’t have to compromise content in order to appease “the Man,” I just have to say that I am disgusted and outraged that there have been dick restrictions placed on content in The Daily. I could say that this is “sex-negative” or “not chill,” but mainly all I have to say is
that unless I see some dicks in the McGill Daily in the next month, I will personally draw dicks on every copy. Well, actually, no, I won’t but pretend I will and get some dicks in there. Like, 8====D or c====3 is fine. Also, if these restrictions expand to vaginas and breasts then I just don’t know what the fuck is going on in the world anymore, because it has just gone to shit. And if they don’t, then I’m confused. And if this isn’t true, then I’m just a rumour mill.

Stefan Campbell
U3 Geography: Urban Systems