| At the G20: Friday in Photos

Tensions rise as around 3,000 march in Toronto on the eve of the G20

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Protesters filled the streets of downtown Toronto today for a march organized by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. Police estimated around 2,200 people in attendance, while organizers and media cited figures over 3,000.

A protester waves a banner for ‘No One is Illegal’ before the march.

Many demonstrators brought musical instruments to enliven the protest before the march began.

Women and trans groups led the march

Protesters march through downtown Toronto.

Thousands fill the streets.

Police lining the march’s route donned riot gear

A police officer shouts for protesters and journalists to move back after a man was arrested.

A protester yells at police officers for arresting a man in first confrontation of the demonstration.

Police form a barrier against protesters with their bicycles.

Riot police with helmets and shields block off a downtown street.

Much of downtown was empty, with the summit security barrier firmly in place.

Protesters made their way south toward the security zone before being stopped by police and turning around.

All photos by Emilio Comay del Junco