The Daily’s 2010-2011 Editorial Board

Congratulations to next year’s editorial board! We’re looking forward to our centennial year! See you in August!
Coordinating editor
Emilio Comay del Junco
Coordinating News editor
Michael Lee-Murphy
News editor
Eric Andrew-Gee
Rana Encol
Henry Gass
Features editor
Niko Block
Commmentary&Compendium! editor
William M. Burton
Coordinating Culture editor
Ian Beattie
Culture editors
Naomi Endicott
Sarah Mortimer
Science+Technology editor
Shannon Palus
Health&Education editor
Joseph Henry
Sports editor
Eric Wen
Photo editor
Victor Tangermann
Illustration editor
Olivia Messer
Production&Design editor
Sheehan Moore
Kady Paterson
Copy&Online editor
Jane Hu