Commentary  Shame! Shame! Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!

Re: “Paging Doctor Cornett” | Commentary | October 8

Learning of the troubles regarding Norman Cornett versus McGill University was not so much of a surprise as it was another disappointment, adding to the degradation of academia. I know this transition only too well, as I myself lived through it. I was a professor for 27 years and experienced and witnessed the erosion in all fields of study.

Passionate investigations have been turned into prescription-based service. Intellect has been replaced by information. Refining questions has been replaced by accepting prescribed answers. Critical thinking as well as cultural voice has been usurped by bottom line entertainment.

Cornett is old-school, from a time when it was of value to inspire minds and when universities were a gathering place for intellectuals.

The “bell weathers” have become the “bell curves,” and the “bell tolls” for our humanity.

Shame on McGill and shame on us as a society for letting this happen!

John Greer
West Dublin, NS