Commentary  Don’t desecrate Good Friday

Recently on Facebook, I was invited to an event called “Good Friday Gone Bad.” The featuring photo for this function, which promises “naughty bunnies,” is a blonde woman wearing hardly more than the string aspect of a string bikini, looking seductively over her shoulder. The following is a justification for my reaction.

First off, I would like to say that the combination of Easter and Good Friday is ignorantly disrespectful. The whole Easter bunnies and eggs idea comes from a fertility-god cult which is in exact opposition to this Holy Week celebration.

More importantly, Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus of Nazareth, arguably the most influential moral teacher who has ever existed. After a mere 33 years of life, he was betrayed by one of his closest followers, flogged to a bloody pulp, forced to carry a wooden cross to a hill, and then nailed to it and kept there until his excruciating death.

This naturally is in stark contrast to the hyper-sexualized party promoter. My point here is the extreme lack of respect to this admirable man who deserves our veneration.

Lastly, I would like to point out that if this were about another system of beliefs, the concept of such a brazen title would be so repulsive that the poster would NEVER have been allowed. Can you imagine an ad featuring a scantily clad pirate-girl for “Rum-adan kareem” or another with a paint-splattered beauty teasingly announcing “Diwali my folly”? I hope you would be just as outraged as I.

Alison Splett
U2 Psychology