Commentary  What is the long end of reporting accuracy?

Re: “Minister may increase tuition” | News | February 18

I’ve always been a big fan of The Daily’s work. Unfortunately, I’ve often found myself and the VP External portfolio on the short end of reporting accuracy. In February, The Daily reported on a solidarity rally organized by the mobilization committee to raise awareness on campus and protest the possible upcoming tuition fee hikes.

Though I clearly informed the reporter Eric Andrew-Gee that this event was not TaCEQ-organized, the sub-header displayed: “A handful of students respond at TaCEQ protest.” If the mistake was intentional, then I applaud The Daily’s opportunism in promoting visibility for the TaCEQ. However, the inaccuracy persists: the rally was organized by SSMU and the mobilization committee.

In the last paragraph, the article also implies that the turnout was a result of the last-minute planning of the rally. Andrew-Gee seemed to forget the timeline that had been explained to him. The decision to hold the rally and flyer had been made by the mobilization committee on the Monday, February 15, two business days after the news broke about impending tuition increases and one business day after student associations across Quebec decided to hold events throughout universities and CEGEPs. So, yes, the rally was organized at the last minute, but I never “concede[d] that students could have been given more notice,” given the shortness of time available.

Sebastian Ronderos-Morgan
SSMU VP (external affairs)