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“This is what I remember when I remember McGill.”

McGill alumni discuss what the paper taught them and its place at McGill

In retrospect, I didn’t take my education at McGill very seriously. If it weren’t for The Daily, this would have created a more serious problem than it has. The Daily challenged and enlightened me when I began reading it as a first year. In my second year, as a writer, it revealed to me the McGill and Montreal communities – whole parts of the University, city, and their cultures that would have otherwise remained unknown to me. I began editing for The Daily in my third year, and from this experience I received the education that I most value now. In addition to continuing to open my eyes to political and social issues occurring in the world around me, The Daily taught me about commitment, community, and collaboration. This is what I remember when I remember McGill. It’s what I’m sure every contributor of the past 99 years remembers as well.

The newspaper has invited readership, criticism, and participation for nearly a century. That’s a lot of years, a lot of students, a lot of opportunities. It has become an institution, one that is valuable for its contributors, readers, and critics. For just a dollar more and for the impact it provides, The Daily is something worth keeping around.

Jennifer Markowitz was a Daily News editor, 2007-2008, and Coordinating editor, 2008-2009.

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