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Silly Kissers release their first vinyl on Arbutus Records

Having released their first two records on their own, Montreal synth-pop band Silly Kissers shook hands with Arbutus records and pressed their very first vinyl release, Precious Necklace, this past February. Better known for their music’s danceability than their lyrics or trail-blazing, the band only expanded their presence beyond MySpace last year.

Though they still rely on an iPod to fill in the parts they can’t play live, Silly Kissers have grown into more than capable stage performers. And it has served them well: following a string of recent high-profile performances – including M for Montreal, the Vice Party, and Musique Plus – Spin Magazine crowned them as one of five up-and-coming Montreal bands. Perhaps propelled by their heightened profile, Precious Necklace sets the bar on a whole other planet, where their spacey melodies can escape the weighted gravity of the Montreal indie scene and soar to new heights.

While I can’t promise a life changing or spiritual experience, their infectious new album is sure to take over your mental soundtrack. An earnest blend of old and new, Precious Necklace’s pony tail and leg warmer-inspired melodies cruise down a darker road, casting a slightly melancholy cloud over the synthetic pep of their last album. Best consumed in short bursts, their sugary pop sound practically necessitates dancing and oversized, neon glasses.

Through their use of an iPod as an instrumental aid – a sixth band member, of sorts – Silly Kissers have positioned themselves at the front of the new wave of synth-pop. The exaggerated pop harmonies and lovesick lyrics are produced pre-show, opening up the gates of recorded music to uninitiates, levelling out the playing field, and giving Silly Kissers a standing chance in the Montreal music scene.

Though a few more laps around the track will do wonders for their sound, their energy will fill you up and leave you bouncing alongside the rest of the satisfied ears in the crowded audience. Silly Kissers provide modest hope for anyone with musical ambitions and a laptop, while still maintaining their momentum as a Montreal gem. Whether you’ve got steam to burn or a heart to warm, it’s worth checking them out on March 6 at The Friendship Cove, playing alongside Makeout Videotape, Homosexual Cops, High Rise 11, and Rat Tail.