Commentary | Kreitner’s silence on Iran

Re: “The Daily’s silence on Iran” | Commentary | February 18

Ricky Kreitner’s triumphant return to The Daily is undermined by the same argument proposed in its closing sentence. What is more interesting are the “notes it doesn’t play.” Darling Ricky writes as though The Daily has conspired to prevent “the truth” getting out about Iran (which I’m presuming Ricky sees to be the “Enemy of Israel”), choosing rather to showcase the humanitarian catastrophe imposed on the Gaza Strip. As someone who has written for The Daily, even in a columnist position, he should know that the impetus is largely on student authors to write on Iran if they choose to do so. I used the Tribune’s search function expecting a myriad of instances in which Kreitner had used his new position at the paper to showcase his expert opinions on Iran only to find – wait for it – there are none. If Ricky Kreitner wants to write on Iran, I’m sure that he’s more than welcome to do so, as is any other student. In the meantime, there is no shortage of McGill students willing to write on Israel-Palestine, so The Daily ends up running articles that, you know, have been written and thus exist to be published. Are these students writing on the topic because it has nothing to do with McGill? Seems highly improbable, even operating under the (faulty) assumption that the connection to McGill is the prominence of the debate on campus. To close with a shameless plug, there is an interesting article on the recent events in Iran in the upcoming issue of the McGill Foreign Affairs Review, soon to be available free on campus. Maybe that will assuage Kreitner’s righteous indignation.

Ben Foldy
U3 History and Political Science (joint honours)
Daily columnist
Associate editor, McGill Foreign Affairs Review