Features  Finding your calling in the Redmen locker room

McGill alumni discuss what the paper taught them and its place at McGill

The McGill Daily provided me with my first brush with journalism some 40 years ago. And without question, allowed me to have a lot of good fun poking into the business of others, a pursuit I discovered at The Daily that was right up my alley!

Having a student publication on campus enables ink-stained wannabes to get a taste of the real thing and helps them understand if journalism truly is their calling. It’s also a crucial communications vehicle for students and teachers.

Not that my reports were all that “crucial.” I wrote about the McGill Redmen, hoping, of course, to get into the dressing rooms. But in fact, I did a lot more than that – I found my calling.

Barbara Yaffe graduated from McGill in 1974. She went on to work at the Montreal Gazette, the Globe and Mail, and CBC-TV National News. She is now a columnist at the Vancouver Sun.

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