Commentary  “Stefan Link” unfairly “discussed” by “The Daily”

Re: Campaigning violations pile up against presidential candidate” | News | March 4

I am an avid supporter of Stefan Link and I believe he is the most “practical” out of all the candidates out there. I also believe his campaign ideas and promises affect the student’s lives, more than “promises” of other candidates. Speaking from a student’s perspective, a 24-hour library service (if not for all the libraries, but just one) is essential for a student, especially at McGill. The other 24-hour access buildings are not as work-friendly as normal libraries are.

Regarding the campaign violations, Link’s campaigners did mistakenly hand out flyers outside McLennan, but once he was warned by Elections McGill, he made sure none of his campaigners made the same mistake. After all, as I have noticed, when the flyers were handed out, the students were actually intrigued and interested at the idea of a 24-hour library service and a student co-op food service.

In conclusion, I think this story is being as “over-hyped” and “exaggerated” as the Twilight movies – totally unnecessary.

Promit Barua
U2 Physiology
Originally appeared as a web comment