Commentary  SRS: essential to Albaugh’s message

Re: “Oh snap” | Letters | February 11

Quinn Albaugh doesn’t seem to get Mike Prebil’s duties as public editor. Prebil has not criticized The Daily for not being “mainstream.” Rather he has suggested that The Daily open itself to a more mainstream audience. What’s the point of an anti-oppressive newspaper with a clear statement of principles if only a splinter of the student body is engaged with it? The public editor should note when clarification is needed so that informative columns like Albaugh’s can communicate with as many readers as possible. Prebil’s confusion illustrates that Albaugh’s column may have been unclear to some readers. An activist author should not assume that “most people who read The Daily can learn more online” and decline to “educate people about details” essential to their message. Prebil merely recommended that Albaugh avoid preaching to the choir and try to reach some new ears. Albaugh’s ultimatum for the public editor to “do his job or abandon ship” is backed only by the petty complaint that he dare criticize their column. Quinn Albaugh needs to be open to constructive criticism or abandon ship.

Alex Weisler
U2 History & Geography