Commentary  Oppression? Forgetaboutit!

The National Post’s recent editorial on Women’s Studies is a case study of the drivel usually spouted by the institutions that undergird heterosexual patriarchy.

The Post writes that though Women’s Studies programs appear to be disappearing in Canada, they are in reality being renamed with less contentious labels, while the destructive effects of their radical ideology remain to wreak havoc on “families, our court systems, labour laws, constitutional freedoms, and even the ordinary relations between men and women.”

Something nice about newspapers is that they foster critical thinking. Some of that would have been nice in this piece. Case in point: the Post decries that rights are granted to “whole classes of people.” As if this were not already the case – our society is organized in a way that favours certain classes of people (e.g., men, whites, anglophones, the able-bodied). If you belong to one of these classes, you have special, unwritten rights by virtue of that belonging. In a society where the group you’re born in determines your life chances, there is no “objective assessment of individual talents.”

Another nice thing about newspapers is reporting. I’d like to have seen some in this piece. Where is the substantiation of the destruction wrought by radical feminism? Where are the statistics, the stories, the facts? All I see in the Post is the same pathetic masturbatory fantasy of a world beyond history, beyond systemic oppression, where the privileged can stop feeling guilty about oppressing the marginalized.