Commentary  MWM 4 RTS, accurate reporting

Re: “SSMU midterms” | News | January 28

The Daily’s SSMU reviews are very important for executives to gauge their progress over the course of the year. However, given the shortness of the reviews, the accuracy of the information delivered is very important. Constructive criticism is fair and very worthwhile, but the quality of the criticism quickly falters when blatant factual errors slip through the editorial process.

Regarding the review on my performance, I would like to correct The Daily in two places:
1) “TaCEQ, a new coalition formed by SSMU and four other student unions….” There are in fact only three other members of TaCEQ currently.

2) “Ronderos-Morgan has been working alongside Hélène Brisson of the Milton-Parc Citizens Committee to create a group that will periodically bring together SSMU, McGill, and the Citizens Committee.” This is inaccurate. While I have been working hard to bring these parties together, I have no idea what “group” The Daily refers to.

Unfortunately, more factual errors appeared in the reviews of the other executives.

I encourage The Daily to be more accurate with their reviews in the future.

Sebastian Ronderos-MorganVice-President External Affairs (SSMU)