Isms, and isms, and all we are saying….

This Saturday, Montreal-based band Ismism is set to release their first EP. Ismism plays experimental music that founder Matt Daher describes as “electro-acoustic post rock.” Originally, Daher had been writing and recording his compositions on his own. Wanting to add something to his music, he looked to his friends. 
“A couple years ago I recruited some musician friends to make a full band and play shows,” Daher, a McGill Music student, explains. “I wanted to fill out the sound [on previously recorded tracks].”  
Four friends later, Ismism was born. The band now includes Alex LeBlanc on bass, Nicolas Godmaire on guitar, Maude Locat on keys, and Harry Knazan on vibraphone, guitar, and aux. Daher is in charge of drums and compositions.  
The five-piece was able to add more instrumental elements to supplement Matt’s pre-existing electronic sound. The instrumentals add an organic element to the music that is experimental, raw, and lo-fi. With the additional members, Daher’s old pieces, self–described as rigid in composition, took on an element of the impromptu.  
 The songs on the EP were the five that were most “transformed” by the additional members, and vary from being whispery, mellow, and melodic to loud and chaotic, with distortion screaming from the bass and guitar. All the pieces incorporate heavy orchestration, with songs evolving out of a simple beat through instrumental entrances and changing dynamics. While the band has been influenced by the likes of Tortoise, Brian Eno, Four Tet, Tim Hecker, and Bibio, Ismism’s blend of electro-acoustic elements and post rock gives their music a distinctive sound.  
“You can expect a wide ranging [musical] experience,” says Daher, when asked about Saturday’s set at O Patro Vys (356 Mont-Royal E.). Ismism will not disappoint those looking to support the local Montreal music scene by hearing something new.