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Re: “Conservative McGill doth protest too much” | Commentary | February 8

Sebastian Ronderos-Morgan suggests that “QPIRG is a lot like SSMU.” But the two are still not the same. SSMU acts as the student union here at McGill, and I don’t have a problem with them levying a fee over me. Let me also clarify that SSMU rightly provides equal access to funding for all student groups, and I don’t oppose that in the slightest. Every student at this university contributes to SSMU, and therefore, it is only right that every student (with no distinction by political affiliation) should have the right to apply for group funding.

But then there’s QPIRG. QPIRG, on the other hand, is a research group. They fund groups that I find politically radical and incendiary. Their “research” is not the sort that I am interested in footing the bill for. McGill University has provided me a means by which I can withdraw my money from their organization. Since I am morally opposed to their work, I choose to opt out.

Do not try to make the suggestion that yours is the only side dedicated to student life. Conservative McGill is not having a “campaign against student life.” Neither is the Parti Libéral du Québec at McGill, or Free the Children McGill, who are also participating in this campaign. That is a gross generalization that ignores our legitimate opposition to a group we find harmful and don’t want to fund. I’m not opposed to student life through SSMU. I’m opposed to QPIRG, and they’re not my student union, so I’m not giving a penny to them. Luckily, I’m not obligated to.

Brendan Steven
U0 Arts
Tribune columnist