Commentary  I applaud Cornett’s proxy tenacity, too

Re: “Paging Doctor Cornett” | Commentary | October 8

I continue to be appalled by the lack of accountability on the faculty of McGill to step forward and state the reason for Cornett’s dismissal.

At the same time, I feel there is an insidious undercurrent underwriting that silence and those keeping the silence will go to great lengths to not show any transparency. I believe it was Cornett’s teaching methods that threatened to shake the very foundation of that institution.

Cornett very openly threw away the standard course structure, and along with it, standard prescribed assignments and exams. I believe it is the tearing down of the existing structure and reimagining of his teaching approach that terrifies the faculty so deeply and has resulted in their complete lack of communication with Cornett.

I applaud Cornett’s tenacity in pursuing the reason for his dismissal. I’ve often thought it as a lost cause, that McGill will never reveal their reasons for firing him. But it is that nagging absence of justice and honesty that I believe pushes this very interesting, dynamic man to tirelessly pursue this cause.

Arlene Havrot-Landry