Commentary  How many Cornett fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Re: “Paging Doctor Cornett” | Commentary | October 8

I had the great pleasure of twice participating, as an independent filmmaker, in some dialogical sessions organized by Norman Cornett in the past years. I have always been impressed by the way Cornett raised difficult issues – as those I filmed for almost 15 years – and discussed them with his students.

No topics were excluded; his main concern was – and is still – the truth, no matter how disturbing this truth could possibly be to some people.

It seems now obvious that this way of seeing the world, and analyzing international issues, with a different eye does not please everyone.

But it is strange that a university like McGill, with its reputation of freedom and dedication to serve a high level of intelligence cannot tolerate a few libres penseurs.

It is sad. It is also frightening.

Could McGill’s administration at least explain publicly and clearly, in the name of the freedom of information – which is a great value shared by most people in this country – why Norman Cornett is not allowed to continue his pedagogical mission?

Raymonde ProvencherMacuma InternationalFilmmaker