Commentary  Fight oppression with oppression!

Re: “In which I deconstruct the family jewels” |Commentary | February 4

After I finished this article I will admit I was slightly angry, and then a bit confused. Besides the obvious “it completely destroys your argument when you use violence to prove it” point (refer to the Wikipedia page for Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. for more info), I also just don’t see the journalistic merit of this article at all. If the author’s intention was to tell us a quirky anecdote about how awesome and empowered and independent from hegemony she is, all the while glossing over the underlying ideals she’s trying to convey, then she has succeeded. It takes a lot of guts to give up on trying to prove an argument because either “he was too dumb,” or talking in circles about your hypothesis about the pervasiveness of fatphobia in our society is too tiring. Lord knows rebelling against oppressive “straight white males” is only possible through using the same tools that those oppressive white males have used against women for centuries.

Stefan Campbell
U3 Geography