Commentary  Errata

In the article “Children in perpetual trauma: the West Bank through a psychiatrist’s eyes” (Mind and Body, February 4), statistics from a study done on high-school-aged children in refugee camps in the West Bank were attributed to a study conducted by Evan Kanter of the University of Washington. In fact, they were cited in a lecture given by Evan Kanter. The Daily is trying to verify where the statistics came from and will make this clarification at the soonest possible opportunity.

In the article “Research policy still in flux” (News, February 11), it was incorrectly stated that “[there] was a general consensus among the administration and senators that the new policy adequately addresses the problems that arose when the first draft was brought to Senate in November.” The new policy in fact addresses some, but not all, of the problems that arose with the first draft.

The Daily regrets the errors.