Commentary  Cops investigating cops: a surefire method

Re: “Don’t deport Dany Villanueva” | Editorial | February 4

I was flipping through The Daily when I stumbled upon “Don’t deport Dany Villanueva,” about Dany Villanueva, the older brother of the late Fredy Villanueva. I have to say it’s been long time since I’ve read a piece so heavy on diatribe and light on evidence.  Let’s look at the facts, shall we?
A) Dany Villanueva is a permanent resident of Canada, meaning that Canada has graciously allowed him to live and work there like they did for my family decades earlier, but he is NOT a citizen. B) Villanueva decides to repay Canada’s generosity by robbing somewhere or somebody (I didn’t detect much sympathy for the victim of this crime in the piece) and illegally purchasing a firearm – which, I am sure, was to be used for only legal things. C) Fredy Villanueva’s shooting has been investigated by the Sûreté du Québec and the Crown. No misconduct was found to have occurred.

So it seems the only reason that Fredy Villanueva’s death is still an issue is because his family and supporters refuse to accept conclusions and would prefer to slander the police by referring the “blue wall of silence” or other conspiracies. Based on the facts, the only miscarriage of justice is the fact that Dany Villanueva wasn’t deported earlier. But thankfully, unlike gun charges, apparently justice never goes stale.

Nwakaku Okere
U1 Cell Biology and Anatomy