Commentary  Another letter from another planet about Cornett

Re: “Paging Doctor Cornett” | Commentary | October 8

Although my number-one law is: “never ruffle the feathers of the innocent in order to punish the corrupt,” I proceed out of a love for truth and a disgust for secrets. Being a student in the Faculty of Religious Studies, I am privy to certain information that is withheld from the wider McGill community, and the withheld information is this: Norman Cornett landed on our planet in the spring of 1992. All sightings and encounters with a person claiming to be “Norman Cornett” before that point were of an avatar placed on Earth in order to give the real Norman Cornett a typically “human” life-story which he could use to gain access to the teaching facilities of McGill University. Between that date and the date of his dismissal, he used his teaching position to introduce the teaching methodology that he had brought from his native Jupiter. Although the teaching style was much more advanced, and resulted in the unintended emergence of ESP abilities in all graduates, his Jupiterian origin was a liability to the credibility of the institution of McGill University and so he was let go under the shadiest of circumstances.

In order to accept someone with superior, extra-human abilities such as Cornett, we must first examine our own prejudices. If we can accept the limitations of human educational methods and allow an exception to the otherwise bland status quo at this institution, perhaps that great wall of extraterrestrial prejudice can be torn down (and maybe the Rolling Stones can play at the ceremony!).

Cornett MUST be brought back, at the very least so he can teach us the complexities of intergalactic space travel.

With these and innumerable other concerns,

Devon Welsh
U3 Religious Studies, Drama & Theatre