Commentary  A member of the Bavarian technocrati emerges

Re: “The cybersexual revolution” | Features | February 8

While I found the article on “The cybersexual revolution” an interesting read, I found some of the points it made to be somewhat ludicrous.

“Those who produce the software and hardware we use are a minority who make rules that govern the majority. A technocrati is currently being constructed as an elite club. Like most clubs of our society, it’s a boys club. Women are less familiar with computer technology – possibly in part due to the male-oriented computer game industry.”

The rules governing the software and hardware aren’t created to keep the control to an elite few; they’re often based on logic or the laws of electromechanics. The supposed “elite” club that rules the majority (the creators of the technology) are people who’ve taken the time to study the laws and rules, and I highly doubt they aim to form a “technocrati” to use their knowledge to marginalize other groups of people. (Being one of the “elite,” I can safely say I’ve yet to meet someone who does).

David Smith
U2 Computer Engineering