Commentary  The Dark Motorcyclist tellin’ the truth

Hello Daily, Hello All, Hello Almighty,
I am here to reveal a truth which has hitherto been kept secret: the construction that has been taking place for the majority of the past two years near the Milton Gates is criminal, unconstitutional, and fiendish. The construction involved the building of a bunker for Heather Munroe-Blum in the event of a nuclear holocaust. We, the students, must demand a bunker built for all of us as well! How can we sleep at night knowing that we would be forced to hide in bathroom stalls as nuclear bombs are dropped across our great nation! We would be forced to hide in the Leacock building (the only known safehouse from nuclear attack).

I recommend a full-scale revolution, the intent of which may be unclear, but which is inevitably secondary to the passion involved in such a revolt. Arise!
—The Dark Motorcyclist

Devon WelshU3 Religious Studies, Drama & Theatre