News  SSMU Reviews: The Executive

The SSMU executive has been mostly successful in their initiatives, and they have achieved significant administrative victories. However, many executives continue to bring up the spectre of “student apathy,” which has led to their committees being understaffed and their events (at times) under-attended. SSMU’s logistical and institution-building plans have built a significant platform for student action, but perhaps it will take something more to actually get students involved. Our critique of the executive at the beginning of the year, and now, points to their lack of political vision. Since SSMU has proven itself to be capable of managing their sometimes-modest plans, perhaps it’s time the executive considered what they could achieve by choosing issues to support on campus and taking a lead on them. It seems like what campus politics needs is some energy – but there is, of course, the problem of choosing the issue. The largely failed “Reclaim your Campus” campaign last year might have have laked form and direction, so any new action should try to remedy both these failings. With new institutional structures and connections to different campus bodies established this year, SSMU should choose an issue requiring action, and with their administrative skill, mobilize support and organize more effective events. Along with this sense of student apathy comes an institutional apathy – not enough advisers, a cold University bureaucracy, fragmented student body, privatization of tuition and food services, and, to top it off, an evasive administration. SSMU exec should make it their job to rally a halfhearted Council and student body beyond chipping away at some part of this edifice.