Commentary  Oh, Doctor Cornett! ~swoon~

Re: “Paging Doctor Cornett” | Commentary | October 8

Norman Cornett as an academic is exemplary in his sympathy to any given inter-relationship. Education to Cornett means knowing your students, knowing the world, knowing the topic at hand, and knowing the adversaries in any situation or topic, if any; and then questioning the basic nature of human experience and how it applies. 
He takes a stand for everyone.

This openness seemingly got him in trouble at McGill, but not with the students, as his classes fired real hope for them in a troubled world. As well, Cornett’s guests from the various factions in the real world were motivated to speak the truth during dialogues, stemming from their various life styles and disciplines. They fired a new hope for all participating. 
As a former university professor myself, I know that Cornett has a rare gift in his particular vision, which provides stewardship to all who need it. Personally, I think McGill would profit in the long-run by renewing his position and contract. It would suggest and prove its own goodness and vision. The opposite is damaging in all directions. 

David Sorensen
Professor emeritus, Bishop’s University