Commentary  I’ma wash your mouth out with soap, mister

Re: “Trapped in the sprawl” | Features | January 25

I write to complain about the repugnant language in Justin Scherer’s piece “Trapped in the sprawl.” While eating and reading in the Redpath cafeteria, I was ambushed by the phrases “fetid ooze” and “congested anus,” followed closely by “cracked asphalt.”  Then there was the use of “perfunctory,” which also sounds like it might be a toilet word. 
Chartwells soup is usually absolutely exquisite, but at this time I imagined I was consuming the “fetid ooze” so coarsely discussed.

Justin, I know you were writing a piece about the suburbs, but surely I can’t be the only one whose hobby is to eat whilst reading The Daily.

Nauseating imagery, though effective in some contexts, must be censored and suppressed to protect the delicate tummies of the McGill student population forevermore.

Allison MacKinnonU3 Psychology and Humanistic Studies