Culture  Dear Leacock bake sale activists

Though I may chide you for your tired imaginations, or the shoestring contributions you make to valuable causes, I still love you. I honestly appreciate the laboured dedication with which you attune the nature of my guilt from ethical to dietary.

But the times they are a-changin’. No longer does the world need the ho-hum efforts of student bakers; ours is an era for grand gestures. This is why I hope you’ll understand when I hold on to my coinage this week, and spend it at the CMETrust benefit this Friday, organized by Daraja McGill.

Daraja simply hit a soft spot with its pairing of an attainable, valuable goal (CMETrust’s funding of secondary school scholarships for 37 impoverished Kenyan students) to effective means – a quadruple-header concert with a $15 advance door charge.

It helps that the assembled line-up is the closest thing Montreal has seen to Band Aid, free of the embarrassingly Euro-centric jingle. The slated appearances by TONSTARTSSBANDHT and the Pop Winds – two bands that The Daily took every single opportunity to mention last year – alone justify the price. Meanwhile, my mouth froths at the idea that the others, Hollerado and Homosexual Cops, may capture my heart in the new year.

Sincerely hoping I did not hurt you,