Commentary  Correction of a statement

Re: “A threat to choice” | Features | October 5

I wish to make a correction of a statement that I made to your reporter Darrah Teitel in relation to a story that she wrote for your newspaper on October 5, 2009. In that story, I describe a debate I had against Mr. Jose Ruba of The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, in 2004. I understand that Mr. Ruba was to give a similar presentation at McGill University in October 2009.

I described Mr. Ruba’s presentation to Ms Teitel as follows: “The first thing he does is show a movie – it’s a show of gore, images of a fake abortion not medically possible.”

I wish to retract my allegations that The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform uses videos which depict a “fake abortion” (which is) not medically possible”. I am not a physician or a nurse or a medical professional of any sort. I have no medical or professional experience in the performance of abortions. I regret any harm my remarks may have done to the reputations of Jose Ruba and The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Jeanette Doucet