Commentary  You can’t have it both ways

Re: “You have the right to remain stupid” | Letters | October 5

To the much-used Voltaire quote (if you Wikipedia it, you’ll discover that it actually originated from a biographer named Evelyn Hall), I’m going to add another: “Any publicity is good publicity.” As the Compendium! statistics from the October 15 issue truthfully show, news about Choose Life has taken up about half of The Daily’s reportage, and I think the club execs are particularly pleased about this. This anticipated large backlash might have had something to do with the keeping of their particularly inflammatory event title. They’re certainly getting their name and the services they offer out there.

I agree with the right to choose. And I also agree that some people will never give up the chance for a good rowdy protest that is entirely counter-productive to their cause (see quote). This is less about free speech or anti-hate speech than about showing some fellow students some respect. Protesters, if you feel that constitutional rights have been broken then argue so through the system, not through a protest of dubious legal legitimacy – this event was allowed to happen by the administration. You can’t choose to uphold certain aspects of the system while ignoring others.

Michael Garfinkle
Medicine II