We all have voces angeli

Re: “Vox angeli?” | Culture | November 19

In the article “Vox angeli,” I was misquoted in a statement to the effect that Effusion has a higher status than Tonal Ecstasy and Soulstice.

I was upset and saddened when I read this, as obviously those false remarks could be hurtful for anyone in the two groups mentioned, as well as for anyone in Effusion who could erroneously be assumed to share that opinion. Unfortunately, I cannot refute those remarks with an exact memory of what was said and what was not said, as the interview was a long time ago, so instead let me make clear what I do believe: Soulstice, Tonal Ecstasy, and Effusion all do their thing, and do it quite well. They are all different, but each quite successful, and should celebrate their common love for a cappella rather than try to create and fuel rivalries that can only be detrimental. In a time when we do not receive any school funding, and struggle even to find a rehearsal space, we should be pooling resources, and not talking about one another negatively.

I deeply apologize for what injury this affair may have caused, and hope that the groups continue to collaborate in a spirit of camaraderie.

Michael Dyck
Alumnus 2008
Special student in the Faculty of Arts