Commentary  Learn French already!

Re: “Supreme Court rejects Bill 104” | News | November 3

It’s a shame that the Law 101 loophole was not closed. We’re basically allowing immigrant families to have the option to pay a year’s tuition at an English private school to have access to English public schools. This goes completely against the spirit of Law 101, which is to protect the French language.

Furthermore, it is false that bilingual education is better at English schools than it is at French schools. Most anglophones that come out of the public anglophone school system are not fluent in French unless they have been through the French immersion program.

Canada may be bilingual, but the only official language in Quebec is French. If you want to live here, you have to have the tools to interact with the rest of society. Having the option to pay thousands of dollars so that your children don’t go to French school is unacceptable. I hope that this loophole gets closed by constitutional means eventually.

Alexandre CourtemancheU2 Computer Engineering