Dr. Cornett: always a hot topic

Re: “The revenge of Doctor Cornett” | Letters | November 9

I am glad that the Commentary piece I wrote last month (“Paging Dr. Cornett,” Commentary, October 8) has generated some discussion and that The Daily continues to be a forum where students, alumni, and community members can voice their support for Norman Cornett. Maintaining buzz around his struggle with McGill’s administration is a positive step, but it is just the beginning. In the spirit of Cornett’s dialogic sessions, I would suggest that McGill open the floor for productive dialogue by screening Alanis Obomsawin’s documentary on campus. It would show courage on the part of the administration to face this controversy head-on. Continuing to ignore the issue and hoping it will go away will not work in this case. If I know one thing about Cornett, it’s that he doesn’t back down easily.

Emily Rose Antflick
BA Honours 2004
Renaissance Jewish Studies