Bikes cut from Wilson Hall by McGill Security

McGill Security cut the locks off ten bicycles and removed them from the railings near the back exits of Wilson Hall last Thursday. The bikes were confiscated without warning, prompting complaints from many students.

“I went back to check multiple times throughout the day and when I got back from class the lock had been cut and my bike was on a truck,” said McGill student and Daily staff member Mallory Bey. “We really had no warning.”

According to Christopher Carson, Operations Manager for McGill Security, the bikes were removed because of safety risks.

“Mobility-impaired people were unable to use the handrails because of the numerous pedals and handlebars sticking out into the walkway,” said Carson. “We also received complaints from people that their shins and jackets were being caught on the bicycles. During an emergency situation people would have been unable to exit quickly.”

When asked whether students would be compensated for the cost of their locks, Carson said he was sympathetic to student concerns, but stated, “The University is not liable for cutting locks on obvious entrances and exits, but is liable for any accidents that happen due to security negligence.”

Orange signs now mark the exits as wheelchair-accessibile, but they will not be a permanent solution, according to Carson. While signs on some campus buildings do tell bicyclists not to park their bikes near entrances, Carson said the University is not responsible for putting signs on sites that are clearly entrances and exits to buildings.

“They should find another place to park, even if it is farther away,” added Carson. “When you go to a restaurant you don’t park in the handicapped space or block a fire hydrant because it’s closer to your restaurant, nor does the City need to inform you not to park there. It should be common sense.”

Students whose bikes were confiscated can contact McGill Security to retrieve them.