Commentary  You’re not my mom!

Re: “SSMU responds to Choose Life event” | Commentary | October 8

I’m glad to hear that SSMU has taken it upon itself to keep offensive ideas away from students. Students are far too stupid and can’t be given the opportunity to develop their own opinions; they need a governing body to tell them what their best interests are. While they’re at it, could SSMU convince McGill to remove Freud, Conrad, and Wagner from the classroom? Certainly ideas they had were discriminatory, offensive, and dangerous, and students shouldn’t be exposed to that.

If “protecting students” is what SSMU actually aims to do, it is offensive that the organization is treating its students as children. If they are acting to advance their own views (as seems more likely), they should drop the facade and concede their actual motivations.

Shane Caldwell
Master’s I Biochemistry