Commentary  Seeking: honesty

Re: “Seeking : pro-choice champion” | Commentary | September 28

Really, Ms. Sawyer? Why can’t Choose Life find a pro-choice speaker to come play with them?
Shall I list some possibilities? Perhaps as you mentioned, the club is lying. Frankly, it would not surprise me – or perhaps the club executive is honest, but useless – maybe they don’t know where to look – or maybe all the pro-choice speakers in Canada suddenly contracted swine flu. Or maybe, just on the off chance, nobody cares.

Personally, I’m entertaining the last reason. If as you said, abortion was still a controversial topic in Canada, then any half-wit could summon scores of willing candidates; a very vocal opposition would undoubtedly exist in such a left-leaning community as Montreal.

But this is not the case. You cannot find a pro-choice speaker because such activists have no role in contemporary Canadian society. In fact, a quick Wikipedia search of abortion in Canada reveals that “the goal of the pro-life movement in Canada is to first change the general culture’s stance on abortion, and then eventually support legal restrictions [on] abortion.” So, Ms. Sawyer, this leaves you with two choices: either admit that you are deluded as to the lack of debate on abortion in Canada (a rather embarrassing revelation for an executive member of a pro-life club) or admit that you are telling shameless lies in an attempt to provoke a response to your extremist agenda (a much more likely explanation).

In any case, it is certainly not the fault of the McGill student body that Choose Life is incapable of properly organizing their own event.

Truthfully, Ms. Sawyer, you sound like someone whose viewpoint is going to “collapse under the weight of its own stupidity and irrelevance.”

Rohith Bhargavan
U3 Microbiology & Immunology