Commentary  Our bad!

Re: “Birks: Where better to fuck with the papacy?” | Letters | October 5

The Daily recently published a mildly humorous letter to the editor that I wrote regarding the September 28 edition of Compendium!
Firstly, I would like to make clear that the letter came from me as a McGill student, and not in any capacity in my role as PGSS president. The Daily editorial staff added in the PGSS title at the end of the letter. The letter to the editor had originated from my personal email account, and made no mention of my elected role.

Secondly, I take exception to the usage of profanity in the title appended to my letter. The letter was written in the fashion of mild theological humour that would likely amuse and not offend those of an ecclesiastical persuasion. My respect for both Catholic and Protestant religious traditions is such that I did not make use of profanity in my letter.

I kindly request that The Daily acknowledge both of these items, and refrain from adding in unwanted profanity in the future.

Daniel Simeone
Master’s I History
President of PGSS