News  Montreal corruption: a primer

The atmosphere surrounding the approaching November 1 election has quickly soured in recent weeks as numerous corruption scandals have come to light. Recent news reports on the sordid dealings of municipal officials, construction firms, and even the mafia have prompted Montrealers to question whether their City’s government has their best interests at heart. Indictments of Hell’s Angels for laundering drug money through construction subcontracts and the underhanded funnelling of hundreds of thousands of corporate campaign donations into political coffers have begun to define the election season. With the two leading parties – Mayor Tremblay’s Union Montreal and opposition party Vision Montreal – both embroiled in scandal, third party Projet Montréal, led by Richard Bergeron, has been making recent gains in the polls.

The affair of the water meters

Mafia runs road construction

Construction magnate tries to stop Boisbriand election

Opposition leader resigns, accused of shady fundraising