Commentary | Let ’em make fools of themselves

Re: “You have the right to remain stupid” | Letters | October 5

Considering the virtual cacophony over Choose Life that has been going on, Sana Saeed’s comment on the group stands out as a fair and sober analysis of the situation. This is not surprising, as Saeed has proven herself in the past to be an intelligent writer and columnist. However, I do take issue with one of her points: she argues that an anti-abortion group has every right to exist at McGill, but says that these rights of expression do not go so far as to extend comparing those who have had abortions to Nazis. Comparing abortion to the Holocaust is pretty offensive to everyone, perhaps most offensive to McGill’s Jewish population. However, I think Choose Life should not be forced to abandon this campaign, as they recently did after the SSMU Council voted to censure the group and threatened to cut off the group’s funding. If Choose Life wants to make the abortion-genocide comparison, let them. I think that pro-choice activists at McGill should welcome such a demonstration from Choose Life; after all, it just makes them look like they’re fucking nuts.

James Hirsh
U2 Political Science and North American Studies