Commentary  I’m pro-life, and even I think this is inappropriate

Re: “Choose Life cancels ‘Echoes of the Holocaust’” | News | October 5

While I am not presently a very active member of the club, I was on Choose Life’s executive last year (as VP External), and I am pro-life.

That being said, I do not think this event was prudently introduced, titled, or pursued. From what I have heard about the body of the talk itself, I do not find the content objectionable, but I think naming it with explicit reference to the Holocaust, given the emotion-laden and awful associations that are bound to come up in anybody’s mind was sensationalist, insensitive, and short-sighted. A bit of meditation on gentler, more generic means of phrasing the heart of the talk might have yielded a much more positive, open-minded response.

On behalf of pro-life persons who do not agree with Choose Life’s actions in this matter, I apologize to those who were offended.

Amy Bergeron
McGill alumna