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Finger-lickin’ good smut

Lickety Split has earned a reputation for always doing things a little differently. Named Expozine’s Best English Zine in 2008, Montreal’s favourite smut zine has developed a knack for pushing buttons and boundaries, and, unsurprisingly, throwing a good party. This Friday, Lickety Split is kicking off a new monthly series of fundraiser-parties called Smut on the Dance Floor. Bringing the zine’s sex-positive attitude to WOOF Bar in the Village, Smut on the Dance Floor will feature a host of DJs, booths of both the kissing and “dirty photo” variety, peep shows, and, of course, dancing. Since Lickety Split is already famous for their outrageous launch parties, we feel that a monthly event hosted by them can only be a good thing. If smutty dancing tickles your fancy, visit for more info and, as an extra bonus, an infinite array of “cum/come” puns.