Commentary  Errata

In the article “Players’ Theatre takes on Tennessee Williams,” (Culture, October 1), the names of several of the play’s actors were misspelled. In the production, Violet Venable was played by Doreen Fagan, George Holly was played by Adrien Desbiens-Benn, and Dr. Cukrowicz was played by Alex Goldrich.

In the article “Diagnosis gone digital” (October 5, Sci+Tech), the Daily misquoted Pierre Pluye in saying that there are 57 million abstracts on Medline. He stated, in fact, that there are 19 million.

In Compendium! on October 5, The Daily published a cartoon depicting philosopher Georg Hegel and a bagel. It should have been attributed to Camilla Grudova.

In the letter “I’m pro-life, and even I think this is inappropriate” (Letters, October 8), Amy Bergeron was described as an alumna. In fact, she is a former McGill student.

The Daily regrets the errors.

In the article “SSMU responds to Choose Life event” (Commentary, October 8), Ivan Neilson appears to attribute the phrase “tyranny of the majority” to Morton Mendelson. Neilson would like to clarify: the words were his own, not Mendelson’s.